When you are looking for a responsive and reliable partner to handle every step of your produce market needs, look no further.
Three generations of agricultural experience and A graduate studies in soil and plant science bring you MamaMia the natural choice. MamaMia brings you the finest of premium fruits and vegetables under the MamaMia and La VitaTM brands. We use the latest in greenhouse and hydroponic advances to create a fusion between mother nature and science.

From Seed to Store SM

The MamaMia Advantage

Freshness is key
- We focus on shortening the time from harvest to delivery by selecting the best transportation alternatives, including air shipment, From our multi national facilities (from Mexico and the Caribbean to our NJ facility) to guarantee the freshness of all our products.

Service and availability
- By optimizing greenhouse technology we are in a unique position to be able to supply and commit to quantity and price for the majority of our products year round.

- We strive to offer uncompromising service by choosing the best logistic strategies to deliver our products 24 hrs., 7days a week.

- As direct growers and distributors we eliminate brokers and middlemen.

Premium quality and taste
- Our produce is grown in greenhouses using the latest in hydroponic technology.

- Fruits and vegetables are grown, picked, sorted, and packaged by hand in unique packages to preserve freshness, without the use of any preservatives or wax.

Safe growing techniques
- Our products are grown in greenhouses using the safest growing techniques to minimize the use of agro chemicals allowing us to offer healthy, Environment-friendly and delicious products.

- All of our products are FDA and USDA inspected.