MamaMia is our premium brand, featuring products distinguished by exquisite taste, longer shelf life, and superior quality.  Our products are meticulously and thoroughly examined to ensure nothing but that only the best make it into the case.   MamaMia brand produce is always fresh picked and hand packaged to maintain its premium quality, truly-“from seed to store SM”.  MamaMia brand produce consistently receives high grading by the USDA for product quality and class.  The brand’s primary market appeal is to those customers who seek excellence and high-end quality among the best produce lines available today. 
With MamaMia our customers settle for nothing less than perfection.   


La VitaTM
La VitaTM is our superior brand, offering our customers select quality at a lower price.  La VitaTM produce is grown, picked, packaged and delivered with the same attention to handling and care as our MamaMia products.  La Vita’sTM market appeal is to those customers who seek a fine product line with a long shelf life and superior taste.  La VitaTM customers pay a lower price without compromising superior quality or taste.         
With La VitaTM, our customers know that lower prices and fine quality do go hand in hand.